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12 rules of success from Apple founder Steve Jobs



steve-djobs1Not so long ago, I came across an interesting post telling about Steve Jobs, his immediate plans and aspirations. Having looked through it, I decided to find more different information about it, which would be of interest to visitors to this site. I was looking for and … I found 12 rules of success for Steve Jobs – the man who became famous for the founding of Apple Corporation.

This legendary man literally burst into the world of modern technology and was able to conquer it with his innovative solutions, desperate courage and absolute self-confidence. You have a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with information about the biography of the legendary Steve Jobs on our website. It tells with all the details of how he began his life with a simple assembly of computers until the period when a business idea that came to him helped him create his own corporation, valued at tens of billions of dollars, about all its ups and downs.


Steve Jobs has a secondary education, there were attempts to get a higher education, but the constant lack of money for everything, including to study, forced him to quit school in six months. When Stephen was 20 years old, he and Steve Wozniak started their own company Apple. The guys also did not have the means to produce computers, so they had to sell their property. The money raised made it possible to organize the production and sale of their first computers. In any case, a fierce struggle is waged between competitors, and it was the result of such a struggle that the computer became, which later became not just a production computer, but a representative of personal technology. Success came almost immediately and, after years, a real business idea allowed the company to have a staff of several thousand people, and the company itself to become a billionaire.

Here are 12 Steve Jobs’ Success Rules:

1. You need to love the business you are doing. Having found his true calling, a person can change the whole world for the better. Who knows, maybe the idea for a home business that comes to your mind will make you famous.
2. Try to stand out from the general gray mass, be different from others. To achieve something in life, you need to think outside the box.

3. Any medium-sized business idea that others will not even pay attention to can become the discovery of the year. Whatever business you do, always try to do it as best you can, try to be perfect in everything.
4. Coming to work in any of the companies or creating your own, the first thing to do is make a list of both the strengths and weaknesses of your own person and the company as a whole.

5. Do not be afraid to do what your intuition tells you, be adventurous. Any new small business idea requires decisive action, so you need to make some kind of big breakthrough to bring that idea to life. Taking the first step is the hardest part, but you believe in success and be ready to succeed.
6. All the greatest people once started with something small. You need to focus on achieving one goal, without taking on many things at once. Starting with the simplest ideas, gradually move on to more serious ones. And constantly imagine your bright future!







7. Doing what you love, you need not just love it, but try to stand out from the rest, become a leader. Whatever business you do, your technology should be the most advanced, even if no one else uses it. Don’t be confused by this – become a pioneer by making this technology the industry standard.

8. It is necessary to concentrate on achieving a positive result, paying particular attention to design.

9. To achieve success in product promotion, be sure to listen to the opinion of consumers, each of them can say something useful.

10. Your small business idea should be different from the rest by innovation. Do not tackle several ideas at once, concentrate your attention only on the important ones.

11. Learn from mistakes, you definitely can’t do without them. If you see yourself making a mistake, it’s best to admit it right away.

12. Constantly learn – there is always something new that you do not know yet. You need to learn from everyone – competitors, buyers, partners.

The most famous speech of Steve Jobs


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