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What ideas can reduce costs when running a business? There are several popular ways to do this:

  • finding the cheapest supplier;
  • discounts for bulk orders;
  • introduction of substitutes.

But increasing the competitive advantage of a business with modern technology is also an unusual idea. What’s her secret? There are many problems for launching an online store in the modern market. The price struggle is endless and customer loyalty is very low. The modern customer demands: a new, competitive, stable and presentable product. Then buyers will not want to look for other offers and spoil the relationship with the seller. This problem can be solved by a business idea: “personal client panel”. What it is? The future of marketing. In a simplified form, imagine an online store that is perfectly tailored to customer expectations. Everything is optimized depending on expectations: logo, brand graphic line and order management. In the foreground, only the product which fits your needs without unnecessary page overflow. Here the client feels comfortable. It is not overloaded with unnecessary information about dozens of similar products. Using the Internet, he quickly finds the product he needs in the personal panel on the supplier’s website. He does not struggle to make a mistake when buying. He sees only the best products and only what suits his specific needs.


The idea of ​​convenient orders.How to implement a business idea for an online store in practice? Let’s use a banking example. In such structures, there are usually many representative offices, branches, offices. Banks employ many employees. Each department regularly orders household chemicals regularly and several items at once (toilet paper, soap, glass detergents). The supplier has a wide assortment basket of commodity items. Often more than 1000 types of household chemicals. But bank employees are only interested in a few types of goods stipulated by the supply contract. Making regular orders is a routine job for employees. Instead, they could do more important and rewarding tasks with less risk of making mistakes. Another thing is to place an order on the Internet through the client’s personal panel. Here the client sees only those products that interests him. For example, liquid soap, which is suitable for dispensers only from the bank branches purchased earlier. Paper towels, toilet paper, detergents and other consumables are displayed only those that the customer orders regularly. Now you do not need to surf the Internet for hours and leaf through whole lists of the entire assortment of goods, which, in terms of quantity, exceed 1000 types and names. There is no need for a search, in which you can make a mistake in your request and not find the desired product in stock. Each department of companies has its own limit on the monthly purchase of consumables, which will be provided by the system and will not allow you to mistakenly place an order in excess of the limits. Setting the terms of mutual settlements is also a distinguishing feature from ordinary online stores. A significant increase in the comfort of placing an order is the history of orders. Old orders can be used as a template, which should only be slightly changed in the number of items of commodity items or pieces and the order is ready. Quickly, conveniently and efficiently.


Benefits of online store ideas.The client’s personal panel is convenient not only for consumers of household chemicals. With the help of the Internet, it will suit any business in the trade. For example, few people manage to make regular orders without mistakes when buying spare parts for vehicles or equipment, paper and cartridges for printers, stationery, light bulbs, etc. This is a short list of consumables, the lack of which haunts the employees of firms. A personalized order panel for customer service has proven itself in a variety of industries. Today there is little information about such a new idea, but it is actively gaining popularity as a new and effective marketing tool. Thanks to the convenience and personal approach to each client, it is already very difficult to refuse such a service provided by an online store as a contact area.


Stages of implementing an idea in an online store.The process of activating a personal client panel begins with the registration of a new client company. The next step during the meeting with a potential client is to discuss individual prices, which may depend on various factors. A contract is concluded, which provides all the details of the service in accordance with specific conditions:

  • delivery terms;
  • monthly purchase limits;
  • terms of payment for orders;
  • types of reports and documents generated by the system;
  • availability of additional useful functions (integration with ERP and CRM systems of the company, data synchronization, etc.).

After that, all the buyer’s requirements are introduced into the personal panel system. As a result, after the contractual connection to the online store, each client receives a personal automated seller of the online store. He serves only his needs and is adapted to the personal most convenient conditions of service. An online client personal panel program must perform a number of business processes:

  • proposing new products;
  • receiving and processing applications;
  • maintaining order history;
  • formation and printing of reporting documents;
  • control of monthly purchase limits;
  • control of the timing of settlements.


Free access to the online store.The introduction of automated technological solutions allows:

  • to increase productivity and comfort of work;
  • avoid up to 99% of mistakes;
  • reduce the time of routine and unimportant work by more than 70%;
  • improve the quality of customer service.

The personalized order panel system provides a significant competitive advantage in business. It brings new clients and generates regular ones. But there is still a significant advantage of this technology. Selling goods, we offer not only the products themselves, but also the service system. Thanks to this, we are able to attract the largest clients to cooperation. How? When negotiating with large firms, the price of a product is an important, but not the most important factor in a successful transaction. In addition to the price for large firms, indicators are important:

  • product quality;
  • timeliness of delivery;
  • ease of formation of orders;
  • reporting on cooperation;
  • indicators: errors, defects, availability of goods.

Their needs are easily outstripped at the time of the presentation of the demo version of the client panel of the online store in action.


Advanced online trading capabilities.By providing this panel, we give our contractors comfort. The product catalog of the online store in the client’s personal panel is intuitive and easy to read. For all orders, reports are generated and archived in history. The panel has the ability to connect to the ERP and CRM systems of the company, which makes it even more convenient and personally optimized for any working conditions. The personal system has data synchronization functions. Everything is optimized for specific needs individually for each client. Personalization is the best tool for creating a competitive advantage in any market today. Thanks to personalization, both sides benefit. How? Each client receives personalized terms of service and personalized prices. Each client firm is different from the others. Has its own characteristics in needs and different volumes of goods. Prices will vary depending on many factors due to the level of comfort of service and the volume of applications. In some cases, prices can be not only absolute, but also in percentage terms. Loyalty programs and savings systems always have a place in personal customer service. To hide the real prices of purchased goods from employees, you can, at the request of the client, provide them in points (in their own units of measuring the cost of goods) at pre-agreed rates. But the safest way would be limited access to the system, which is available only to the management and the order coordinator. When designing a panel design, it is important to do it in accordance with the RWD standard (Responsive Web Design – an adaptive web design standard for all computer and mobile devices). Since this is a modern technology for serving customers and creating a competitive advantage, it should look the same in a modern way. They are greeted by clothes. By creating a contact area and introducing it into active use, we fill the work of our clients with comfort. And for ourselves we create a long-term competitive advantage and a large number of regular customers.


Negotiations with customers of the store by phone.Let’s say you are in charge of coordinating orders for different types of products. We notice that we have run out of soap, which we often use with other employees in a particular department. We would like to place an order from our own supplier of detergents. We make a call, but the supplier offers to meet at the place to take the order to present his new offer. Meeting with sales representatives who want to sell a new product is not the most enjoyable. Our attitude towards such meetings with sales representatives is neutral at best. Intuitively, we understand that we are most likely wasting our precious time. But the seller foresaw our reaction in advance and asks an unexpected question: “What monthly expenses does the company spend on household chemicals and detergents in your department?” We give a specific answer, after which we hear: “Thanks to my proposal, you will significantly reduce the cost of all household chemicals.” Now our attention is in his hands.

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