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Advantages of a Paperless Business

Advantages of a Paperless Business

In modern business, economic fluctuations such as the one experienced beginning in 2008 have given a new light toward going paperless in the office environment. The idea of a paperless business may be a long shot for most companies but even a push toward migrating certain sectors of business online will greatly reduce business expenses, improve communication and help create organization.

The following are a few reasons why you should consider starting or running a paperless business.

Reason 1: Printing Costs

For an average business, one of the largest costs comes from printing documents. Although it may not seem so much up-front, efficient printers can costs business thousands (even millions) each year.

Most small businesses will use inkjet printers while others will scale to use larger toner-based machines. Although the later is much more efficient in terms of printing costs, printer manufacturers have built their business upon a razor and razor-blade platform.

The cost of a printer is offered at rock-bottom prices while the ink and toner often cost nearly as much as the printer itself.

Going paperless will allow businesses to cut back on printing costs. Some documents may still need to be in the form of hard-copy (such as financial documents) but nearly all the average pages could be distributed online – cutting out the expense of paying for printing supplies.

Reason 2: Organization

In the beginning of a business life-cycle paper documents aren’t much of forethought but as the business expands coffers of documents will slowly pile up until it becomes nearly impossible to efficiently locate documents unless a rigid organizational structure is implemented.

In a paperless office, businesses could organize all of their documents within an internal (or web-based) serve which allows employees to quickly locate documents within a few keystrokes.

The role of the secretary will shift away from paper-shuffling and more toward document organization on a server. Time is vitally important at businesses; going paperless will cut down on the overall time to find documents.


Reason 3: Save space

Large filing cabinets full of documents take up much needed space in most small businesses. Because of the high costs of office space, every square foot becomes essential for the overall productivity of the business which is best used in other fashions than storing paper.

Going paperless will shrink the document room from stacks of papers and cabinets full of folders down to a set of software and hard-drive space.

Reason 4: Going green

Business owners have become conscious of their involvement toward the pollution on the Earth. Large companies will thrash millions of pounds of documents that go to a landfill or luckily to a recycling plant.

Unfortunately, even the greenest efficient businesses will make a contribution toward the growing piles of waste. A paperless business can completely avoid these practices as there aren’t any documents to throw away!

Reason 5: Privacy

In terms of IT and security, one of the most overlooked aspects of privacy is that many of the security issues are created from within a company. Irate employees will shuffles through documents, stealing important business files and bringing the company down from within.

In a paperless business, files of documents can have passwords and security measures implemented which restrict certain users from accessing files. Security plays a large role in the expansion of a company; it’s best to be safe with documents by restricting them on a server than to have them freely available.


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