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BEER BOUQUET FOR A MAN AS AN IDEA FOR A GIFT BUSINESSMaking and selling beer bouquets can become not only an interesting hobby, but also a profitable business that does not require large initial investments. Bouquets for men – sets of craft beer and various snacks, are just beginning to gain popularity, so there is practically no competition in this market, and the demand is already at a high level. Moreover, 100 USD is enough to start. Every man you know has several male reasons for celebrating a year: birthday, driver’s day, hunter’s day, fisherman’s day, airborne forces day, border guard day, professional holiday day and of course February 23rd. And your acquaintances women are puzzled by the question: what to give a man for a men’s holiday? You only need 30 acquaintances to provide yourself with orders for every day. Remember, in trading, 60% of the profits come from regular customers.



When deciding to start creating and selling beer bouquets, you first need to draw up a business plan. Writing a business plan for a business with a gift basket for men requires a lot of attention to detail, which is very important for product positioning in the market. Addressing important issues before opening, such as the type and purpose of the business, will help to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that will be in the initial stage. When drawing up a business plan, you need to perform certain analytical work:

  1. Conduct extensive market research. Focus on researching trends in the gift beer bouquet industry for men. Identify potential niches and target markets, research local and regional manufacturers and distributors of craft products. Pay special attention to the variety of their offerings, prices and additional services, such as delivery and payment methods. Gather pricing information from wholesalers and gift basket suppliers.
  2. Prepare a complete description of the business. This section should contain information such as an overview of the company and a mission statement. Summarize the important aspects of your business by filling out a resume. This should provide a comprehensive overview of products, services, financial goals and marketing objectives.
  3. Make a list of marketing ideas and goals. Define your target market and provide details of your plans to reach your target market. Include information related to what makes your product unique. Try to predict the trends of the gift beer bouquets market for the next few years.
  4. Determine the type of business management. Making beer bouquets as a private entrepreneur is the best option, which is characterized by low taxation, a minimum of accounting records and simple maintenance.
  5. Prepare a detailed financial analysis. Sales forecast to the best of your ability. This includes how many gift baskets you plan to sell at each price point. The preparation of financial statements, including a profit and loss statement, will further allow the supply to be adjusted in accordance with demand.

The main platform for selling beer bouquets is popular social networks, the work on which requires only advertising investments. Therefore, when starting your own small business, it is better to work as a self-employed, and to formalize private entrepreneurship already when building a client base and expanding the business.


A man’s bouquet should contain only one main mandatory attribute from which the whole picture is further decoratively complemented. For example, beer, vodka, cognac, whiskey, wine or even Borjomi – the more expensive or unique drinks, the better. The set of snacks can be very different, the main thing is to select products that are close to the expiration date. So, to create a beer bouquet you will need:

  • beer – 1-3 bottles;
  • snacks – crackers, pistachios, nuts, chips;
  • smoked sausages;
  • dried fish;
  • smoked cheese or chechil cheese.

The set of products can be added or changed depending on which bouquet of beer snacks is created, for example, “fish” or “meat”.

To collect a bouquet you will need:

  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • a set of wooden skewers;
  • wrapping paper or cellophane;
  • thin rope.

The cost of a beer bouquet is formed on the basis of its size, products and the complexity of the design. The range of prices is from 5 USD to 25 USD. It is really possible to pack 5-10 beer bouquets per day, but the main thing is to sell them quickly. The use of smoked and salted sausages, cheeses and fish allows you to slightly extend the implementation period, but the optimal period from production to sale is 3-4 days.

At the initial stage of business development for creating beer bouquets, the main sales market is friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. After the first successful sales and positive feedback, you can go online. It is advisable to create a page to demonstrate your products in popular social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram. Ideally, order the development of your own unique application for smartphones, which is convenient and efficient to conduct business directly with customers. After all, a smartphone is the most personal computer and in society it is already accepted not just as a status marker, but as a part of the body. A smartphone is always where its owner is, and without a smartphone, a modern person feels inferior and helpless in a demanding modern world. This will help the buyer to get better acquainted with the offered product and order it directly from the phone application or via SMS. Thus, you can significantly increase sales. In the first months of work on the sale of beer bouquets, you can earn 300-500 USD. Further earnings will depend on marketing and brand promotion in the market.

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