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Best Time for Starting a Computer Consulting Business



Starting A Computer Consulting Business/ Overview:

If you are the go-to computer person in your social circle, it’s time to stop fixing computers for free and consider starting a computer consulting business. Knowing the basics of how computers work is really the only thing you need to start a computer consulting business. Beyond the basics, you can quickly learn how to fix just about any computer issue by reading computer manuals and guidebooks and accessing troubleshooting websites.


This is what separates those with computer issues and those who are able to fix them—the willingness to try without fear. Of course you will want to have a solid computer consulting business plan in place that maps out your fee schedule, your work guarantee, and your business details in general, including how you will build your customer base.

Once you’ve got a few clients and your workload is growing, you can start thinking of ways to expand on this business idea beyond fixing computers and entice your customers to include add-ons and upgrades to their existing systems. When this online business idea really takes off, you can consider farming out your repair and upgrade work to employees while you work on advertising and growing your consulting business. Even as a basic enterprise the computer consulting business can be very rewarding, both personally and financially.

A Day in the Life of a Computer Consulting Business Owner:

If you’re ready to learn more about how to start a computer consulting business, consider what the daily grind will look like. You will begin each day with a review of the jobs you are currently working on plus any others you will be taking on that day. Returning computers to customers and getting them fixed promptly will be the key to your success. Then you will get to work on the jobs that you have. This will be the bulk of your workload. Finally, you will want to consider how to bring in new customers and you will need to monitor your profits and expenses. If you have employees working for you, you will want to oversee their work or at least check in with them daily to ensure they’re providing your customers with the same quality work that you have guaranteed.


About Your Customers:

Your customers will be those who need computer help and who want someone who they trust and who offers competitive rates.


What You Need to Start:

  • The ability to fix basic computer issues plus the resources to learn how to fix any other issue
  • Good people skills
  • A contract for your customers
  • A business license


The Good:

  • If you like computers, you’ll be happy in this line of work.
  • The business can be highly profitable.
  • You can easily add employees and build your customer base.
  • As the technology sector grows, so too can your consultation business.


The Bad:

  • There are many computer lovers and retail stores offering the same type of service—you have to ensure your company does it just as well or better.
  • When you go to expand your business and hire people to work for you, you will need to do very thorough testing to be sure your employees are highly technically qualified.
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