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Entering the Roasted Corn Business the Easy Way



Entering the Roasted Corn Business the Easy Way

Roasted Corn BusinessBusiness Overview:

If you’re looking for a money-making business that enables you to earn a year’s living in just the summer months, consider starting a roasted corn business. Owning a roast corn concession company can allow you to focus on other ventures at the same time you turn a profit with your corn stand. Though it’s a fairly simple business to get into, you will need to invest in some equipment to get your business going.


For one thing, you will need a corn roaster and all of the items that go along with the set up of your concession business, including a tent, a hand-washing station, fire extinguisher, tables, etc. This will be your biggest investment with this business idea, especially since you’ll need to make sure you have a vehicle that can tow the weight of a large corn roaster. Like any food concession business, you will need a license and health permit to ensure the safety and legality of your business, not to mention food suppliers and advertising for your company.


Then you will need to decide if you will be the sole proprietor or if your business is best served by employees. Of course you’ll need a location at which to sell your wares, likely fairs, festivals, concerts and the like. The rest is easy—roast corn draws a crowd every time, but you will want to make sure you’ve got a top-notch recipe that keeps customers coming back for more.


A day in the life of a roasted corn business owner:

The beauty of this business is that, depending on your location, you will operate only when the season is right. For many, this will limit your operating time to the summer months, the time when people seek outdoor food concessions during fun events. During operating season, you will need to ensure your corn roaster is in prime operating condition and that your larder is well-stocked for operation. Next you will want to book your events well in advance and make sure your permits are up to date for each location. Your employees should be prepared with your recipes and should know how to set up your concession stand efficiently. Finally, you will want to keep close track of your finances, not only during operating season, but all year to ensure your business holds you over until the next season.


About Your Customers:

Your customers will be those attending an event who want delicious roast corn and who might want to invoke the memories of childhood with a classic recipe like your company provides. Perhaps your customers are returnees who remember your product from last year’s event.


What You Need to Start:


  • A corn roaster
  • The accoutrements for a corn roaster (fire, water, etc.)
  • A knock-out roast corn recipe
  • A tent
  • Permits and licenses (as needed)
  • A trustworthy supplier
  • Finance-tracking software


The Good:

  • You can possibly work a couple of months per year and make enough for the year.
  • The business can be fun and profitable at the same time.
  • You can make a name for yourself in the small corn roasting business.


The Bad:

  • It’s a niche business that can be initially tough to break into.
  • You will be very busy during peak season with little downtime.
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