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Exercise to stop Worry: Living one day at a time



Exercise on Living one day at a time

While future plans are exciting and reminiscing can be joyful, living one day at a time is an age old idea that is important today.  I thought I would share a bit how to put this adage to use in your life.  I try to live by it. I’m not perfect at it.  Worry creeps in, some times expectations go unfulfilled, but for the most part everything flows better when I just take one day at a time.

Here is a morning affirmation, or a prayer or a meditation, whichever you prefer to call it. It is something I came across many years ago and still use it.  I originally came to use it when I was having a particular problem with the way I was treating others. More specifically employees. This idea made me a better manager of business and people, myself included.


An exercise to stop worrying. Worry is thinking about something not in front of you.

Living one day at a time is really an invitation to the here and now. Being in the moment makes life art.  If your building something, and you are, your doing so right now and only right now. In passing those words… right now… your moving on to the next now, and the next now, and now, and now, now, now, now. Never again will that now be this now, now, that is time my friend, are you here right now and now, now. That is  pretty neat, no?

Here is that prayer.

You know the desires of my heart, you know what I would

love most to be, do and have. You take all that. I entrust it

to you, you’ve proven yourself worthy to me and I trust you.

Take my worries and cares and make them your own. Just give

me quiet strength today that I might do your will and be kind

to your children, asking nothing in return.

Often times worry is associated with anxiety. One of the trusted programs to reduce and eliminate anxietyI always felt a great sense of relief when I started my day this way.  I had clarity and was able to better recognize opportunity.  Being grateful for the things in my life was difficult for me. I didn’t like some of the stuff. I have had amazing break throughs, seen obstacles literally become gateways to things I only dreamed of.  If you struggle with gratitude and want to deal with quickly get this free 6 lesson e-course on gratitude.  This comes from an African Mystic. I don’t pretend to promote the religions their, but they have amazing power to manifest, I call it the law of attraction, or faithful prayer, there it is VooDoo. That Gratitude program is the most powerful collection of transforming info on gratitude you will ever read.

Ending the day with reflection is a healthy idea as well.  One day at a time doing these things begins to make a day look like the gift it is. A holistic life can be crafted if care is taking.  A holistic life is the life that takes not effort, but is fed by the inspiration it creates. ( That is my quote, you can use it.)

Any thoughts? Ideas… do you think this is all dumb?

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