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How To Start Production of pillows and blankets



Starting capital – from 7 million rubles.

In recent years, the demand for pillows and blankets based on wool has been steadily declining. The classic natural filling of pillows, which has a lot of disadvantages, is in many ways inferior to modern, as well as inexpensive artificial filling, which has a number of advantages. As a result, as well as automation, the production process of pillows and blankets has been greatly simplified, which has significantly reduced the cost of starting this business.

The production of pillows and blankets in Russia is a profitable investment of monetary resources. These products are always in demand among people. Pillows and blankets are periodically bought by all people, regardless of their financial condition. Such products, in contrast to other textile products, do not depend on the trends of fashion houses, which saves on hiring a design team. The main modifications most often relate to the material of the fillers, and this does not require transformation or reorganization of the technological process. According to the latest estimates, the textile industry produces about 35-45% of the total volume of products in this area.

Novice entrepreneurs who want to start their own manufacturing enterprise for the production of bedding need to realize that such a business cannot be organized without large financial investments. The most common mistake of novice businessmen, which often leads to a complete fiasco, is the purchase of low-quality or untested raw materials.

Disinfection, washing, sorting, rinsing several times, drying – all of these steps must be carried out immediately before being sent to the conveyor. One missed stage, non-compliance with sanitary norms and rules – and you will not get quality products. Any buyer can check the quality of the filler: you need to hit the product once. If a cloud of dust rises, then the filler has not been washed. This means that hardly anyone will buy the product.


The need to purchase equipment depends on the production capacity, territory and amount of investment. For example, for 40 thousand rubles you can buy a used apparatus for cleaning and manufacturing these products.

At these prices, you can purchase equipment from various Internet auctions, for example, Avito. The device removes dust and foreign interference, such as feathers, grains of sand, pebbles, needles and others. Be sure to get a large sewing machine to sew sheets and pillowcases. If you can find a point of sale for your first products, then you can start a small business at least at home.

Large-scale production of down and feather pillows implies corresponding cash costs. Only the purchase of the necessary units will take at least $ 100 thousand, which is equivalent to 6 million rubles. The list of mandatory ones includes: an ozone unit for disinfecting feather raw materials, a small laboratory workshop for evaluating the quality indicators of the starting material, a feather washing machine, a drying chamber, a cooler, sorting chambers, sewing machines, storage units for stuffing pillows with filler, large scales , blowers, as well as other secondary installations and equipment.


To start the production process for the production of pillows and blankets, it is necessary to rent a room with an area of ​​at least 125-175 square meters. Remember that the bedding you produce is a large and at the same time very light product. Therefore, in addition to workshops, you need to additionally equip storage facilities: separately for raw materials and separately for output products, as well as a laboratory complex for analysis, production workshops (washing and drying feathers), sewing workshops, rooms for workers, office rooms …


To start this production process, you must have specialized equipment. It is imperative that there be:

  • Cutting tables or similar units,
  • Edging installations,
  • Workplace for blankets,
  • Line cutter, for edging processing, for rewinding fabric at a 45-degree angle,
  • Quilting machines with software for quilts,
  • Plants for the processing of poly- and mono-ester fibers as a component of filler,
  • Dispensers for the manufacture of products on a downy basis,
  • Bactericidal equipment for feather and down pillows,
  • Sorting plants for downy raw materials,
  • Dispensers for stuffing down blankets,
  • Blanket production line,
  • Packaging machines, etc.


This technological process is very complex. The most difficult stages are preliminary and processing. These difficulties are associated with the creation of high-quality filler. Let’s look at the process step by step.

At the beginning, raw materials are brought into production. After that, it is weighed and transferred to sealed containers in order to carry out disinfection. After it is transferred to the laboratory shop and veterinary control, where all kinds of material indicators are assessed. If the bearer of feathers is sick with something, then the raw material is immediately rejected. If the test was successfully passed, then it is sent for preprocessing.

After the feathers are thoroughly washed. This is done in order to get rid of extraneous odors, impurities and impurity surpluses of the future filler. The washing stage takes 1.5-2.5 hours. During this time, the device is capable of washing about 45-75 kilograms of raw materials.


After washing, the feathers are thoroughly squeezed out and sent for drying to special chambers. There, the raw materials are subjected to antimicrobial treatment at a temperature range of 125-135 ° C. After drying, the feathers are cooled and sent to the sorting shop. There the raw materials are sorted in special plywood installations. Feathers and fluffs of different sizes are separated by streams of air.

In parallel with all of the above, pillow covers are produced in sewing workshops. As expected, a slot is left on one side through which feather and down filler will be filled.

The prepared feathers go to the storage device, where the pillows are stuffed with filler. The covers are fixed on special pipes that lead to the installation. On a scale with a dispenser, the mass of the filler is set, and the feathers begin to stuff into the cover through the pipe system. Stop filling only when the balance fixes the specified mass.

After that, the pillows are weighed and given to the sewing workshop, where the slot is sewn up. At the last stage of the technological process, the product is put into the installation, where it is blown in order to remove all excess fluff from the cover. After packing, the products are sent to the warehouse, and then they are delivered to the points of sale. The production of blankets is almost no different from everything written above.


Estimated cash investments for starting this production process:

  1. Territory rent (150 square meters) – 60 thousand rubles.
  2. Purchase of the necessary equipment – at least 6 million rubles.
  3. Purchase of secondary devices and office equipment – 600 thousand rubles.
  4. Purchase of raw materials – 150 thousand rubles.
  5. Advertising campaign – 75 thousand rubles.
  6. Business registration and other costs associated with the organization – 125 thousand rubles.

In total, we get about 7 million rubles.

Alternative products

An alternative option is to make pillows for nursing mothers, pregnant women and young children. As you probably know, prices for everything related to children are very high. This is due to the huge demand for these products in Russia, as well as the high birth rate in the past few years.

The key to success is a competent process engineer and design team. The design of the product must have a special design that is useful and convenient for the client. A frequently used material for such products is holofiber. It weighs little, is resistant to deformation, does not sag after the first wash and is easy to use.

Acquisition of a ready-made business

Also, there is an option to buy a ready-made production. For example, a bedding factory with an income of 20000 thousand / month and a turnover of 2 million rubles with a staff of 15 people is sold for about 5 million rubles. Here you will find already installed production conveyors, cutting machines and sewing machines.

The price for renting a room with an area of ​​300 square meters will cost you 35 thousand  / month + community fees of 8-12 thousand, depending on the region. General salary payments to staff – 125-175 thousand / month.

The profitability reaches 45-55%, the payback period is about 3 years.


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