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How To Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business



Kettle Corn Recipe, Kettle Corn BusinessBusiness Overview:

People love kettle corn so much and think of it as such a superb treat, that with a simple kettle corn recipe you can start a lucrative kettle corn business. It seems like such a unique business idea, but making kettle corn can really bring in the big bucks. For one thing, it is a treat normally found at special events like fairs, carnivals, concerts and the like.

Additionally, it’s such an addictive and delicious snack that people often buy several bags at once (especially if they think they won’t get to have it again for a while). It’s also a fairly easy business since the recipe calls for simple ingredients: corn, oil, sugar, and salt. All you need to do to learn about kettle corn is to practice with your recipe to make sure it’s perfect every time you pop it. Of course the business part of kettle corn requires a bit more effort. To make it in this business you will certainly need a corn kettle, which you can either purchase new or used or you can lease one.

This is probably your biggest investment in this business, though you will need to make sure your vehicle can tow the kettle from venue to venue. Next you will need a permit from your local health department in order to sell your product and possibly a business permit—check with your local authorities. You may also want to cover your business with liability insurance. Finally you will want to consider getting a tent to keep your booth clean and dry, especially if you will be selling your kettle corn outdoors. This tent can also have your business name on it for advertising purposes. When people see a kettle corn concession stand, they will come flocking to the booth with cash in hand, ready to get your business popping. However, if you are more interested in the retail side of this business, you will need to think about packaging, shipping, and advertising for your product.

Then you’ll want to locate shops, delis, and grocery stores that will sell your product for you. You might even consider setting up a website and selling your kettle corn online. Better yet, combine a local booth with online availability of your kettle corn and you could be looking at double the profits!


A day in the life of a kettle corn business owner:

While it’s not likely you will have a daily event to attend, as a kettle corn business owner you will always be on the lookout for the next opportunity to sell your product. In the meantime, you will want to ensure your permits are up to date and secure any permits you might need for upcoming events. You will also want to make sure you’ve got all the supplies you or your employees need to make your kettle corn. Keeping track of your expenses and profits will be a daily task as will filling any retail or online orders promptly.


About Your Customers:

Your customers will be people of all ages who enjoy kettle corn. Your customers might buy your product for themselves or for others.


What You Need to Start:


  • A corn kettle
  • The ingredients to make kettle corn
  • A health permit
  • A business permit
  • A tent
  • A website
  • Financial-tracking software


The Good:

  • You can enjoy this business just on weekends or full-time.
  • The initial investment is moderate to low.
  • Your business will make people smile.
  • Though days can be long, profits can be quite high.


The Bad:

  • Getting all the permits necessary can require some legwork.
  • Finding enough local events to sell at can be tough at first.
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