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How To Start Your own small business at home



What can you do at home?
Every year more and more people want to do home work, but cannot find an interesting niche. That is why doing business at home is a topical issue today. There are quite a lot of ideas with minimal investment among the methods of starting your own business presented below!

The content of the article

  • How to make money online?
  • Growing vegetables in greenhouses
  • We open home production
  • Polymer clay jewelry
  • Exclusive boxes
  • Making frames for paintings
  • DIY stained glass production
  • We embroider and sell our works

You don’t have a lot of start-up capital, but still want to start your own business? So what’s the problem. There are quite a few home business ideas from scratch, let’s take a look at some of them.

How to make money online?

In connection with the rapid development of computer technology, more and more people are thinking about how to make money on the Internet. And this is not surprising, because there are many ways to make money online. Here are the ideas for making money online: copywriting, website development, product promotion through social networks, application development, and others.


This is remote work, the focus of which is on the result. For example: writing texts / abstracts, design and promotion of sites, 1C and Web programming. Register on freelance resources and offer your services. Get ready for the fact that customers will point out mistakes to you and ask you to redo the work;

The main directions of freelancing:

  • rewriting, copyrighting, journalism;
  • website development;
  • graphics and design;
  • programming;
  • marketing;
  • translations;
  • engineering and science.

Business selling websites.

This is an interesting high-income destination. Suitable for those who have programming and website promotion skills. Organize your work competently and attract potential partners.

  1. Choose a topic that is close to you, on which you will work;
  2. If you yourself do not have enough knowledge, cooperate with the person who will technically create the site;
  3. Pay attention to website promotion.

Advertising creation

Let’s take a look at the main types of online advertising:

  • blog advertising;
  • contextual advertising;
  • advertising in social. networks;
  • teaser advertising;
  • advertising with email application.

Tutor services

This type of earnings will interest any teacher. Tutoring services are in demand among schoolchildren, applicants and adults who need to improve their knowledge in a particular area. You can conduct classes both at home and as a student.

Where to begin?

  • make a plan where the topics of the classes will be scheduled;
  • consider the duration of the lesson depending on the age of the students
    (for preschool and younger children – 30-40 minutes;
    for adolescents and adults – 45-60 minutes, adult group lessons – up to 2 hours);
  • list the time at which you can teach;
  • purchase the necessary materials (textbooks, manuals, CDs).

Income: the cost of one lesson – from 250-700 rubles. depending on the region in which you live.
Costs: One-off training material and travel costs that can be reimbursed after a couple of sessions.

Growing vegetables in greenhouses

There are 2 options for organizing this type of earnings: the production of greenhouses for sale and the cultivation of vegetables and greens in greenhouses for the further sale of products. A more cost-effective second option, since in cities there is a lot of demand for products grown without the use of chemicals.

Let’s take a look at the idea of ​​growing vegetables and greens.

What do you need?

  • buy a greenhouse – 60,000;
  • purchase the necessary material;

– seeds (5,000);

– fertilizers + inventory (4,000);

– install the heating system, propylene pipes (24,000);

  • take care of the irrigation system, purchase of coal, take into account the cost of electricity (30,000);
  • pay the assistant (120,000 / year for 1 person).

Costs:   ~ 219,000.

Profit: having   sold 5 tons of greens at 100 rubles / kg, we get an income of 500,000.

Subtract the costs: 500,000-219,000 = 281,000 rubles. net profit.

We open home production

Home production is a good option for organizing your own business, because opening it does not require large investments, equipment for a home business is inexpensive, and profits can be made almost immediately. For now, check out some of the simplest home making ideas.

Jam production

We are engaged in the production of jam

This type of earnings is quite popular, especially in winter, its profitability is 30%, and in summer it is slightly lower. To organize such a business does not require significant start-up investments, you can start a business in your own kitchen. To make money making jam , follow these steps:

  1. Register your business;
  2. Obtain an operational permit, manufacturer’s declaration and SES conclusion;
  3. Equip the required area of ​​the premises (at least 20 square meters for a mini-production and 70 square meters for a full-fledged workshop);
  4. Purchase equipment;
  5. Establish channels for selling products;
  6. Advertise the product.

DIY hot bakingWe organize the sale of baked goods

To make homemade cakes, you will need ingredients and a few grandma’s recipes. There is also special equipment for kneading tests, baking, etc. It is not expensive, but it will simplify the work several times. Selling hot baked goods on the street is a good option. We advise you to familiarize yourself with this business idea .

You can expand your business in this way:

  • open your own mini-bakery ;
  • bake donuts yourself ;
  • install vending machines ;

Costs: initial investment is no more than 90,000.

The main costs will be the purchase of equipment, materials and products.

The markup on goods is 30%.

Pickles at home

Earnings on pickles

For the manufacture and sale of homemade pickles, it is better to live in a village or at least have your own plot. You can grow vegetables and mushrooms for pickling yourself or make purchases from farmers. Naturally, the sale of finished products should be established. You probably noticed that there are a lot of different pickles on the shelves of supermarkets, but who knows what they contain, in addition, GMO products may have been used. For the sale of homemade pickles to  be successful, you must do everything well!

People prefer to buy homemade food rather than factory preserves. This business is based on the preservation of the available vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, bell peppers and various salads.

Advice!!! Make sure that the stock of pickles is constant. Make your products unique – come up with an interesting label and name.

Where to sell products?

  • open your own retail outlet;
  • sell to grocery stores;
  • advertise in the newspaper;
  • place advertisements on the Internet.

The pickle business is highly profitable. This is due to the fact that manual labor is valued over production technologies.

Polymer clay jewelry


Handicraft is very popular at this time. Let’s take a look at the most popular business options in this direction.

Making clay decorative jewelry is a very profitable and cost effective business. This type of earnings for women at the initial stage requires minimal investment. It only takes a few skills, a drive to learn, individuality and good imagination.

Clay jewelry production technology consists of 3 main stages:

  • creation of the shape of the product;
  • drying / firing (carried out in a conventional oven);
  • adding other elements to the finished decoration.

Attention!!! When baking polymer clay, PVC decomposes and a small amount of toxic gas – hydrogen chloride – is released.

Advice: follow the instructions of the material manufacturers, and also equip the room with a hood, conduct regular ventilation. Wash the oven thoroughly after each baking.

Where to sell products?

  1. Online shops, groups in social networks;
  2. Jewelry shops and souvenir shops;
  3. Announcements on the Internet, on the forums.

The payback of products is determined by the following formula: (material cost) x 2

Costs: the price of 1 clay bar is about 100 rubles. At the beginning of the activity, you will need 5 bars of different colors, if you take into account the cost of accessories, then the initial investment will cost 2,000 rubles. 10 jewelry can be crafted from these materials. One person can easily make 70 items in a month.

Profit: the cost of 1 simple product from 400.

Total: (70 items x 400 rubles) = 28,000.

We calculate the net profit: (28 000-12 00) = 16 00 .

Exclusive boxes

Handicrafts have always been appreciated and appreciated. People are ready to pay big money for individual goods. Therefore, your hobby can become a profitable business idea.

Caskets can be wooden, metal and cardboard. To emphasize your individuality, decorate them with beads, decorative material, paint with paints, decorate with fabrics.

To work on a product, you need to purchase material: cardboard, ready-made wooden boxes, glue, varnish, paints, brushes, ribbons, threads, beads, fabric.

The next step, after purchasing the materials, will be the creation of sketches and sketches for the future box. We advise you to familiarize yourself with this idea here .

Making frames for paintings

It is easy to turn such a hobby into a very profitable business. This type of work is quite profitable, and the product is in demand regardless of the season. At this time, the manufacture of frames to order is a relevant business idea.

Every year the demand for picture frames increases by 10%.

The costs of this business: the main part of the costs will be for renting premises, purchasing equipment and raw materials, as well as paying salaries to assistants. The total amount of investments is 1057,000.

Profit: the income of the business in the production of frames is 80,000 / day , which is a very good indicator of the payback of this business.

DIY stained glass production

The demand for stained-glass windows is growing, and the competition in this area is still low. Nowadays decorative glazing is in vogue – it looks beautiful, stylish and rich. Some people order stained glass windows as unusual patterns on the walls, others – as decorations for ceilings, and still others – as exquisite interior partitions.

Think about what types of stained glass to make:

  • film – they do not require special equipment and professional artists, a large room for a workshop, the material is cheap and easy to process. Initial costs are only 10-15,000.
  • expensive types of stained-glass windows – you will need professional equipment, a high-class workshop, expensive tools, glass, professionals with knowledge of high-quality technology. Business investments amount to about 1,500,000.

We embroider and sell our works

Embroidery is one of the brightest representatives in the field of needlework. This business has always remained popular due to its presentable design and various modern techniques. Learn the following techniques to get your customer interested:

  • smooth surface;
  • cross;
  • openwork embroidery;
  • photo embroidery.

Embroidered paintings, portraits, decorated clothes and accessories are always of great value.

There are such embroidery methods:

  1. Manual – is considered a labor-intensive type of work that requires a lot of time. Naturally, prices for handicraft are high.
  2. Mechanized – does not require skills and a lot of time. To start, you need to buy a special machine.
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