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How To Use Mind Maps To Organize Business Ideas



Business man with a success mind map Vector Image - 1997639 | StockUnlimitedUsing Mind Maps To Organize Business Ideas

If you are like me, you get ideas throughout the day and while you sleep. You wake up all pumped and ready to turn your ideas into reality. Then you realize the business idea that you had while drinking beer with your friend is not really gold but a washed up pile of crap. Well, shit happens.

If you are one of those idea generators who can’t seem to stop cooking something new everyday, make use of mind maps to keep your ideas clutter free. I personally use it to keep my ideas organized and laid out so when I am ready to roll with it, I know exactly what I had planned a couple days ago. It’s an excellent way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Its implementation to organize your million dollar ideas can be pretty rewarding.

Besides using mind maps to keep track of thousands of ideas that you get each day, you can also use it to organize how you are going to execute an idea. Think of it as a timeline. There are many uses of mind maps and one of the reason it is widely used is because of people like you and me who are also known as “Business Idea Generators.” Fine, I gave that name to us but it does sound cool so lets keep it that way. Anyway, here is an example of a mind map


If you look at the image above you can clearly see how well it is outlined and broken into parts. This kind of guides you in the direction you should be going. Think of it as a reference tool that is personalized for your idea by you. If you haven’t been using mind maps to organize your ideas, I would suggest you get on it right away. Trust me, you will save many hours and your productivity level will sky rocket. Below you will find a few links where you can create mind maps for free.

  • Mindomo
  • WiseMapping
  • Mind42
  • MindMeister

If you have a business idea and have yet to use mind maps to organize them, you better get on it before it’s too late. Another thing we want to point out before we end this post is that you don’t have to use a mind mapping software to create mindmaps. You can create your own using Word, Paint or even a piece of paper. The key here is to organize your ideas like a to-do-list so you can better plan to make your million dollar business idea a reality. Feel free to share tips and anything else that relates to business ideas and mind maps.

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