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How to write sewing and selling clothing business plan



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We bring to your attention a far from new, but time-tested idea of ​​selling clothes for all classes of the population. Income from such entrepreneurial activity in a small town can exceed 200-300 thousand rubles per month. But such volumes require large investments and a deeply thought-out business strategy. But let’s talk about everything in order.


The content of the article:

  • Choosing a registration form
  • Sewing equipment
  • Shop opening stages
  • Should you buy a franchise?
  • Video instruction on sewing clothes for a large workshop

The first step is to draw up a detailed business plan for further business activities. It is created with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of future investments, and will also help to figure out how much money will be needed for opening, determine possible options for attracting borrowed funds, deducted taxes on employees, renting premises, etc.

Choosing a registration form

registration of an individual entrepreneur psychological center

The phrase “selling clothes” is very broad. You can deal with both primary production and further sale to wholesale suppliers. In this case, it will be more profitable for you to open an individual entrepreneur to pay taxes.

You can simply engage in the resale of finished goods. The main thing is to find a manufacturer of modern and necessary clothing, to agree on the purchase of a different range of goods at a wholesale price.

Then it will be necessary to rent a small area in shopping centers and open a chain of stores. If you get a large area of ​​premises, then it will be more profitable to open an LLC .

As you can see, in words everything is very simple. Now let’s put together a detailed business plan and see what the numbers tell us. Let’s agree that in this case we will operate with approximate figures for an average Russian city.

the cost of opening a cargo transportation LLC

Company registration costs

First of all, you need to roughly estimate how much money you will need for registration. If you open an IP, you will pay approximately 10 thousand rubles. When organizing an LLC, the price will be 30 thousand rubles. So far it is tolerable, but already at this stage it is better not to make the first mistakes. Refresh your memory on the 7 basic mistakes aspiring businessmen .

Sewing equipment


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If you decide to do tailoring as a business option, then you should first study the theory  and think about buying equipment . At the moment, it is most profitable to lease equipment, unless you have a large amount of free money. Equipment lease rates are much lower than bank loan rates. The only thing you need is to pay an initial payment of 20-30% of the total cost of the equipment.

Calculations are summarized in the table:

the cost of equipment for a clothing business

Choosing a folding table

The folding table is a place for cutting and estimating works. Basic requirements: smooth, light, plastic surface. Its location should be well lit. Recommended sizes: width – from 130 cm, length – from 2 meters, height from the floor – 80 cm.The prices are high, so we offer an economical option: buy two small second-hand tables, lay a large sheet of plywood (thickness – 15 mm) and paste over self-adhesive film. Estimated price – 1.5 thousand rubles.

We buy sewing machines

The first option is to buy household sewing machines and an overlocker (a second-hand option is also possible). For example, the Veritas Rubina brand . It has a professional, rotary shuttle course, different legs.

Characteristics of the sewing machine Veritas 8014

For a simple atelier, you can purchase a 51 class overlock. It will work for both silk and rough denim. Price – 2.5-3 thousand rubles. for an old overlock.

The second option is to equip a modern atelier and take complex orders. For example, for shortening jeans and replacing zippers in leather clothes, a household car for 5 thousand rubles will not work. For such fabrics, an industrial machine of type 22 class is needed – 13-15 thousand rubles.


Characteristics of Grade 1022 Industrial Sewing Machine

What else do you need to buy:

  • patterns;
  • ironing board ;
  • iron with a steam generator ;
  • several mannequins;
  • hung up.

Video – Veritas machine in practice

Shop opening stages

1. We select premises for production and sale

the cost of premises for a business on clothes

Below is information with the average prices for buying a property and renting premises for the production and sale of clothing. In our case, we took the approximate cost and the required area of ​​the premises.

The calculation will be carried out by quarters, taking into account the average quarterly inflation. As you can see from the pivot table, it is most profitable to rent premises.

2. We hire staff


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All you need is a salesperson and an accountant to run your clothing reselling business. It is quite possible that you will take over the functions of an accountant. Supposedly the seller’s salary will be 22 thousand rubles a month. We will consider our salary equal to 45 thousand rubles.


In this case, the costs of paying salaries and social security contributions, taking into account quarterly re-indexing by the percentage of inflation by quarters, will be as follows:

3. Advertise the store

In order to attract buyers in any case, you will have to resort to promotions. Advertising will be effective if your store or warehouse from which you release the goods is located on the outskirts of the city or in an obscure center. As you remember, we wrote about types of advertising and advertising agencies here If your company or office is located in the city center, then perhaps you should think about a bright large sign that attracts the attention of passers-by. It is also recommended to think about marketing research.

Growth in demand for clothing after advertising

4. We open an online store

Now it is becoming very profitable to conduct almost any kind of earnings through the Internet. This is where you can find a large number of potential customers for a relatively low fee. To conduct such an entrepreneurial activity, you will need a website, ordering which will cost about 30-40 thousand rubles + website promotion for competitive requests – about 30 thousand rubles. As a result, about 1000-2000 clients per month can be obtained from one-time investments in the Internet business on clothes.

Should you buy a franchise?

We recommend that you think about purchasing a franchise to open a clothing store. In this case, you will be provided with ready-made wholesalers, they will tell you which of the offered assortment is in demand on the market. They will select the required area of ​​the premises and assess the actual demand for products. A store franchise solves many problems, but you will need a very large amount of money to buy it, although sometimes there are franchises from scratch . If there are no funds, then think about starting your own business from scratch or consider options for business ideas without investment .

If you still want to open production, but do not organize anything yourself, then you can use the services of production franchises, about which a separate article was written on our website.

Video instruction on sewing clothes for a large workshop

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