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Huawei Has Begun Research For 6G Network

6g network

Although the 5G network is only available in several countries, Huawei has begun research for a 6th generation network solution, aka 6G, in its laboratory in Ottawa, Canada.

Based on reports, Huawei is working with more than 13 universities and research institutions to develop the 6G network, including its use. Even so, Huawei itself believes that the new 6G technology can be commercialized after 2030.

Huawei Labs in Ottawa is indeed known as a high-class research center, and Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei claimed that the investment of the Chinese company in Canada is worth billions of dollars.

In early 2019 there was also news from Samsung that had begun its research for 6G in Seoul, South Korea. So the news about Huawei doing 6G research is also not unusual, because they do not want to lose to other companies developing the latest network.


Then there were Nokia, Ericsson, and SK Telecom who announced their cooperation in June. The aim is to complete a memorandum for the development of 6G.

So far there are no definitive standards for 6G networks, and the research carried out by Huawei and Samsung is also estimated to be at a very early stage, and the results of the research are also thought to be more theoretical, not practical.

For information, Huawei has started investing in 5G technology since 2009, and at that time they poured USD 600 million for the purposes of standard research and 5G technology.

Then in 2016, they deposited another USD 1.4 billion for the same needs, which means in total they have spent USD 2 billion for 5G research purposes.


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