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International Business

Connecting Your Business to the World


More than 90% of the population lives outside of the United States.  There are many who may have come across this statement at some point and wondered how to go global with their business.  There’s a big market out there that businessmen are missing out on if they confine themselves to marketing their products and services locally.  It is important to realize that some parts of going global may be easy while there are other opportunities you may have to let go due to some restrictions to the business.  These restrictions vary depending on the extent of moving the market outside the country.


Tips on Expanding


The first consideration when going global is the investment you wish to put in to pursue this option.  Like most other expansion plans, one has to be financially prepared to deal with this.  One needs to be smart about it too.  Unless you are willing to deal with experts who might charge you more for services that you can probably get from less expensive resources, you may be up for extra costs that may be hard to recoup in a short time unlike when you actually know how to look other options that would be less costly for your to invest on.


Going Back to Basics


Expanding a business to go international is very similar to starting a new business.  Because this market is so wide, it will usually take at least 2 years of lead time to penetrate an international market.  Think of it as starting a new business because you are a virtual unknown.  Similarly, you can’t be everything to everyone so you need to pick your niche because there is likelihood of success if you go this route than otherwise.  Since you’ve already decided on a particular market, it is time to move on to market research to explore and identify fast growing market for your business.  This research should include looking at how your product will perform in a geographic area and finding cross-border customers.  Part of this is creating a professional network who knows the industry more than you do.  They can help and give you information that you may not have thought of initially.  Exporting strategy and technology will play a role in your international business.  Unless you can deal with this, get the help of experts such as lawyer, banker, accountant and transport specialist to help you figure things out.

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