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Seychelles Travel Tips, Seychelles – Seychelles Travel

Seychelles Travel Tips, Seychelles – Seychelles Travel


All visitors (irrespective of nationality) to Seychelles are automatically given a Visitors Permit on arrival, the validity of which corresponds to the ticketing details. However, the following documents are required for immigration clearance:

A passport valid from the date of entry to the date of exit from Seychelles. Return or onward ticket. Sufficient funds for the duration of the stay

Typical Costs

Accommodation: On the main islands, you can find hotels prices on the low end are between $55-$85 USD per night. There are many high-end places, with rooms starting at $175+ USD a night. Most people come here as part of a package so accommodation tends to be included in the package you go. It’s rare that you would book accommodation separately.

Food: You can eat relatively cheaply here if you steer away from hotel restaurants. Price range will be anywhere from $24-125 USD.

Transportation: Bikes, the best way to get around the islands, cost $32 USD for a day rental. A car is $180 USD per day and only available on the main islands of Mahé and Praslin. Highspeed catamaran rides between Mahé and Praslin runs $47 USD per person. A ferry schooner between Mahé and Praslin or La Digue runs $10 USD (but it takes 3x as long). Between Praslin and La Digue, a ferry schooner runs around $28 USD. There are also small boat rides from Mahé to La Digue available.

Activities: Activities tend to cost $50 USD or more depending on what you want to do. Expect to pay top dollar for most things here.

Money Saving Tips

There isn’t really any great way to save money here. If you have come here as a package, everything will be included and that will be the best way to reduce costs – get something all inclusive. Other than that, look for a special offer. Sadly, destinations like this aren’t really meant for budget travelers.
Top Things to See and Do

Get sporty – There is plenty to do in terms of recreational activities. Golf, squash, badminton, tennis, biking, horseback riding, and hiking are all great ways to spend the day if you are tired of the beach. It is pretty cheap to rent a bike for a day and ride around the islands. There are also plenty of centers where you can rent sports equipment as well.

Nature Seychelles – Just 2km southwest of Praslin, on Cousin Island, resides this great little reserve. There is a bird population here that exceeds 300,000, on an island that is roughly 1km in diameter. It’s awesome to walk through the thick forest here and check out all the different species.

Do nothing on the beach – The beaches here are uncrowded, untouched, and void of any structures. They are beach heaven. The water is clear and bathtub warm so it’s always a great place to go swimming or snorkeling. The hike from Beau Vallon, along the coastline to Anse Major is awesome; it only takes about 2 hours and the beach at the end is magnificent and deserted.

Aldabra Atoll – Stretching at over 20 miles in length, this is one of the largest raised coral atolls in the world. At the western end, there is a massive tidal lagoon, which is home to manta rays, tiger sharks, and thousands of sea birds. Aldabra is also considered the original habitat of the giant land tortoise.

Vallee de Mai – This is a national park and world heritage site. It is home to a stunning array of flora and fauna, as well as the world’s largest seed—the Coco de Mer. This is one of two places in the world where the seed can be found. You can also see several varieties of latanier palms and screw pine.

Nid d’ Aiglo – The highest point on La Digue, this 300m + hike is a great way to spend a day. The views of La Digue and of the neighboring islands are so magnificent, it is almost surreal. Remember to pack plenty of snacks and water.

 – The Indian Ocean is known for warm water and it is popular among water sports enthusiasts. Try anything from windsurfing and fishing to snorkeling or SCUBA diving. There are even glass bottom boat tours available.

Dine – The food in Seychelles is delicious and you will find an abundant amount of food here. Seafood, coconut, and curry are among some of the main ingredients you will feast on. Coco Rogue is considered a ‘secret spot’ by locals and offers some of the best food around. Bonbon Plume, Tante Mimi, and Café Ognibar are also popular places to go.

L’Union Estate – Back when coconut farming was the main industry on La Digue, this was the center of production. Just south of La Passe, this estate is now run as a sort of informal ‘theme park’. There are some interesting demonstrations to see and you can explore the Old Plantation House, the colonial-era graveyard, and the boatyard. There is even a pen housing giant tortoises.


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