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Starting a school books publishing company

Starting a school books publishing company

Starting a school books publishing company

Due to enormous growing demand on quality education, the education costs have been increasing year on year in India. If you have passion towards marketing, then you could start school books publishing company. This is a good small business idea in India, who can invest Rs 20 Lakhs to Rs 30 lakhs to start with

What is school books publishing company?

School books publishing company deals with school books from nursery to 10th class standard. It starts from preparing for the books to marketing the books to schools, book shops and stationery shops.

What do school books publishing company do?

Books publishing company would identify the latest hot trends, prepare the content of the book with educational professionals, order the same for printing with vendors and supplies them to schools and book shop owners. The books can be for all subjects starting from First and Second Language of the country, English, Mathematics, Social and Science subjects. The books would range from nursery to 10th standard. Means, there would be at least 60 such books which needs to be published. Since the subject syllabus would not change every year, there is less risk of books getting changed every year.

Step-by-Step guide on starting a school books publishing company

1) Register school books publishing company: Register your school books company name with local government authority. The taxes would be based on local government guidelines.

2) Identify what would books you want to publish first:  Since publishing the books for all subjects and for all standards would consume lot of time, it would be good idea to start with a fewer subjects at the beginning of business. Start with lower class student books initially.

3) Identify the educational professionals:  Select good educational professional for preparation of the books content. You can approach your local universities to pick-up good staff from them to work as part time to write the content for your books.

4) Recruit good graphic designers: Parallelly you need to recruit good book designers. While educational professionals would provide good content, your book need to look good in terms of graphic design of cover page and other pictures in the book. Your graphic book designer would be able to do this.

5) Identify a good printer to print your books: Once your books are designed well, you need to approach a good printer to print your books. You can set-up your own printing facility, but you need to invest a large amount for that. Out idea is not to open a printing press, hence you can take outside printer help to print your books. Selecting quality paper would provide quality book.


6) Recruit key sales / marketing staff: Initially you need to have at least 10 to 15 key sales and marketing staff to market your school books. You may need to have proper budget for such people. You may need at least Rs 5 lakhs per month for paying salaries to these staff. Beyond this they also need to take travel to other cities and your travel cost also needs to be budgeted. Your success in this business idea would depend majorly on having quality marketing staff.

How much time it would take to make first sale?

If you have adequate resources and funding, you can kick-start the business and you can make your first sale in 10 months to 1 year period.

What are the profit margins?

The total cost of the books to the price of the book comes only to 60% to 70%. Means you can expect a margin of 30% to 40% in books. If you do a turnover of Rs 30 lakhs, you can get Rs 10 to Rs 12 lakhs as profit in first year.

Does this business idea works for every one?

This business idea would not work for people who expect returns overnight. If you are able to plan the business well, you can expect good returns in 1 to 2 years itself.

What challenges do we expect from this business?

There is good competition in this business too. In initial years, you may need to give high discounts to schools and book shop owners. This would reduce your profit margins.

Latest trend of digitalization of education system may also hamper your business. Large players like Tata, Educomp etc. in India are already started implementing the digital/smart class educational courses which pose threat to this school books publishing company.


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