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Paid surveys.Surveys for money are one of the easy earning methods. A business idea is suitable for both the Internet and real life. This is from the point of view of the respondent, the person who will answer special questions. And the company looks at polling as a way to study the consumer market. Why are firms willing to pay for answers? Where and how much can you earn?


To take a worthy position in the modern market, to gain a foothold, you need to constantly fight for the buyer. Take the place of the manufacturer of a product or service. What is its main task?

Make a profit.

Where can I get it?

Find a buyer and sell him a product / service.Analysis of statistics.

Moreover, it is important to maintain consumer demand CONSTANTLY. How?

  • The product must be in demand.
  • The brand must be recognizable.

And how does the firm know what the buyer needs? That’s right, you need to ask this very buyer.

A sociological survey is a successful marketing move that allows a company to always keep its finger on the pulse. The whole process can be schematically depicted as follows:

They asked – analyzed – brought the product / service in line with the requirements of most consumers – sold and made a profit.

Therefore, firms are ready to conduct surveys for money. It is beneficial for them. Why not survey potential customers for free? Because among the respondents there is hardly enough to form an objective opinion of altruists.

Who pays the respondent? Mediator-recruiter.

  1. A large firm hires an intermediary marketing office.
  2. Recruiters draw up questionnaires and look for respondents who are able to objectively and qualitatively evaluate a product / service (it is unlikely that a 50-year-old man can evaluate decorative cosmetics).
  3. The intermediary office analyzes the results obtained and submits them to the employing company.
  4. She, in turn, pays for this work. The respondents are paid by intermediaries.

Rarely, but there are companies that directly work with the public. The marketers of such firms are themselves engaged in the study of segments of the consumer market.


The final figure depends on a number of circumstances:

  • where the survey is being conducted (on the Internet or in “real life”);
  • how competent you are in certain areas;
  • how active you are (relevant for online surveys);
  • whether some preparation was required to answer the questions.

So how much can you get for completing tasks?

Participating in surveys for money on the Internet

Analysis of statistics.Questionnaire sites act as intermediaries. To take part in surveys for money, choose the best site:

  1. – take a survey and get money on your phone.
  2. – paid polls on the Internet with money withdrawal to WebMoney and PayPal.
  3. – consistently pays respondents for surveys, as well as partners for attracting respondents.
  4. – pays for surveys with bonuses that can be spent on various goods (from a flash drive to a cool laptop).

Anyone can register for them. For 1 completed survey, they pay from 30 to 200 rubles. Sounds good. Earning money from surveys with the withdrawal of real money via the Internet is already a normal practice today. But it’s still hard to make money.

  1. Personal data does not always correspond to the expected survey. Admins carefully analyze the profiles of potential participants. And they send paid tasks only to those who most of all meet certain criteria. For example, you only need owners of smartphones on Android, mothers of babies, pharmacists or heads of wholesale companies.
  2. A certain number of participants are invited to one survey. Invitations are sent by mail. If you did not immediately notice him, then, quite possibly, you are already late. Respondents are recruited.
  3. A certain time is given to complete the task. For example, the questionnaire is available from 10 am to 10 pm. Under such conditions, you can also be late. Therefore, they will be deprived of the opportunity to take part in the survey.

You should not count on a permanent income on survey sites. As a rule, assignments are received 3-4 times a month.

How to improve your chances of getting a profile? Recommendations:

  1. Fill out the profile carefully and in detail. Try to reach as many consumer groups as possible. But don’t overdo it. All profiles are carefully checked.
  2. You can create two accounts. One – on behalf of a man, the other – a woman.
  3. Indicate in your registration profile that you use a large number of different products.
  4. Note that you know foreign languages. Assignments from foreign companies are more expensive. A translator will help you to complete them.
  5. Better to exaggerate your income. People who earn little are not interested in the manufacturer.

We write everything to the maximum. But as close to reality as possible.

The assignment must be taken seriously. Completed “from the bulldozer” questionnaires are calculated at a time. You will simply be blacklisted.

Real marketing offices

Surveys for money offline.Very different money is paid for polls in real life. But the verification of the respondents is, accordingly, more serious.

  • Marketing agencies that invite respondents from the street are located only in large cities. In Moscow, St. Petersburg.
  • For one task, you can get from 1000 to 5000 rubles.
  • Almost always, participation implies the personal presence of the respondent in a certain place at a certain time. Remotely, such polls are very, very rare.
  • Duration – from half an hour to four hours.
  • Compliance with gender, age and social indicators is carefully checked. For such surveys, they are asked to bring a passport, birth certificate of children, documents confirming a particular purchase, registration certificate for a car, license, product samples, bank cards, extracts from medical history, etc.
  • Sociological science indicates that a single person should be surveyed no more than once every six months. Most recruiters place this requirement on members.

How to get into a “real” poll? There are sites where marketing company representatives post survey announcements. A potential participant can study invitation announcements and send applications to recruiters. If you fit in all parameters, you are chosen.

One of these sites is, where you can sign up for:

  1. Paid surveys.
  2. Focus groups – groups from a specific category of people are brought together to conduct an event with a financial reward.
  3. Hol tests are carried out at the request of manufacturers to analyze the market and consumer reaction to a new proposal.
  4. Home Visit – A paid survey can be ordered delivered to your home. A representative of the recruited company will come to you with a questionnaire and a reward.

Thus, the problems of human society have economic value. Manufacturers are willing to pay for this information. This is how paid polls appear – additional income for the layman.

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