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Three Great Reasons to Start Your Own Mobile Teeth-Whitening Business



Three Great Reasons to Start Your Own Mobile Teeth-Whitening Business

Mobile Teeth Whitening Business

Business Overview:

These days everyone wants a white smile and if you want to tap into this $15 billion a year industry, you should consider a mobile teeth-whitening business. A recent poll showed that over half of adults would choose to have cosmetic procedures done if price were not an issue and of this group, more than half would choose teeth whitening.

The main thing holding people back from getting a whiter smile is cost. With a mobile teeth-whitening business, you can pass your low overhead costs on to your customers and give them the confidence that only comes with a beautiful smile.

Even if you have not gone to dental school, you can be a success with this clever business idea. With a mobile business, you take your services to your customers adding convenience to the long list of reasons clients will want to take advantage of your services. In time, you may even have a fleet of mobile units and a staff of teeth-whitening experts working for you.


A Day in the Life of a Mobile Teeth-Whitening Business Owner:

Your day as a mobile teeth-whitening business owner will begin with a check of your schedule. If you have arranged to set up at a particular location, such as an office building parking lot, make sure your equipment and supplies are in order and head over to your location. If you do not have any jobs on the schedule that day, spend your time calling local businesses to arrange to have your services available at their locations in the near future. Check into health fairs, medical expos or anywhere else you might be able to park your mobile unit and advertise your services and gain new clients. If you have a staff working for you, make sure they have their location assignments and all their equipment is in order. If you are running low on whitening supplies, place an order for more. Finally, take a look at your finances to ensure all payments have been recorded and all expenditures have been paid.

About Your Customers:

Your customers will be people who want a whiter smile. They may be office workers on their lunch break or passersby.


What You Need to Start:

  • Mobile unit (van, RV, etc.)
  • License
  • Whitening equipment and supplies
  • Computer with finance software


The Good:

  • Once you have the proper training, teeth whitening is a simple process.
  • Buying wholesale products means higher return on investment.
  • Affordable services make teeth whitening a popular “luxury” in any economy.


The Bad:

  • It may take some time to build a large enough client base to turn a profit.
  • Finding the best places to set up your unit may take persistence.
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