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What You Need to Know Before Starting a Dog Grooming Business



What You Need to Know Before Starting a Dog Grooming Business

Starting A Dog Grooming BusinessBusiness Overview:

Attention dog lovers: Starting a dog grooming business can be the key to your professional happiness and your ticket to financial freedom. If this business idea piques your interest, you’ll be happy to know that learning how to start a dog grooming business is easy and straightforward, and the startup costs can be minimal. You can initially start a dog grooming business from your home and build your company from there, eventually renting or buying a space that enables you to create a truly professional grooming atmosphere.

Until then, a tub with a long shower nozzle, a grooming table, and well-kept grooming tools can get you your first customers. The beauty of this business is that, for most customers, it doesn’t matter how fancy your shop is but whether or not the canine customers that emerge from it are clean and happy. This is where your business model comes into play. You will want to have a business license and insurance to start so that you’re well-protected—legally and financially.

You will want to familiarize yourself with popular grooming techniques and practice on the dogs of your family and friends to master the skills. You will also want to create a grooming services menu with prices listed clearly so that your customers know exactly what they’re getting from your company, and you will want to spell out what you expect from the dogs you work with.

In other words, you can refuse a biting dog, or charge more for a dog that requires a cage or muzzle. When your business gets up and running, you can decide to hire groomers to work for you and expand your business exponentially. Additionally, as you make a name for your company, you can review your price list and decide if your service is worth more. After all, people love their dogs so much they will often pay a great deal to ensure they’re clean and contented.


A Day in the Life of a Dog Grooming Business Owner:

In the early days of your business, you will start each day reviewing which dogs you’ll be working with that day and what you’ll need to complete each job. You will also want to confirm any upcoming appointments, and work on advertising your business and recruiting new customers. Then you will do your actual work of grooming—washing, drying, clipping, brushing, and enjoying time with the dogs you have to groom that day. After cleaning up and restocking your grooming area, you will want to review your profits for the day as well as your expenses. If and when you desire, you will be able to hire groomers to work for you and you can either continue grooming or work solely on building your business.


About Your Customers:

Your human customers will be dog owners looking for a safe, competent, and reasonably priced groomer who is willing to cater to their dogs and get them looking and smelling their best. Your canine customers will be of varying breeds and temperaments that either love or hate being groomed. Being able to work well with both groups of customers will ensure that your business takes off.


What You Need to Start:


  • A love of dogs and the ability to work well with many types of them
  • A business license
  • Business insurance
  • A location to run your business
  • Grooming tools and products
  • A contract for services provided
  • Financial-tracking software


The Good:

  • You can do something you can really enjoy.
  • The business can be profitable if you’re good at it.
  • You can hire groomers to work for you.
  • You can set your own business and build your company as you see fit.
  • You will be providing a valuable service to dog owners.


The Bad:

  • You will certainly encounter dogs (and their humans) who are difficult to work with.
  • If you’ve never done dog grooming before, you’ll have a learning curve to go through while you master the wide variety of techniques.
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